The pillows for
side sleepers

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The pillows for
side sleepers

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Dreamt up by a Doctor with back pain

Dr. Carl Cricco, Jr., M.D. suffered from lifelong back pain.  He saw various back pain specialists- orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists,and chiropractors- and was always given the same advice: sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs to align your hips, pelvis and spine and take pressure off your lower back.  He followed this advice, but the pain persisted....

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Designed to keep your body aligned

The unique shape of the doctor-designed snuggL Pillow for side sleepers creates the ideal alignment of the head, neck, and spine - adapting to your body's needs throughout the night - alleviating neck, back, hip, and knee pain.

More about the snuggL
L shape support
Keeps your neck, spine, and hips aligned throughout the night
Gel fiber
Specifically engineered to provide long lasting support and adapt to your position, The snuggL's hypoallergenic gel fibers are finer than down feathers and maintain their cool temperature all night.
The machine-washable snuggL Pillow features a 300 thread count 100% cotton pillow case with convenient full-length zipper for easy removal.

The snuggL Family

The snuggL
Pillow & Pillowcase
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Pillow & Pillowcase
The Standard Body Pillow
Pillow & Pillowcase
The Standard Head Pillow
Pillow & Pillowcase
The snuggL Pillowcase

What snuggL converts have to say...

Average 5 star rating on Amazon

"...Takes the pressure off my neck. This is an absolute must try if you’re a side sleeper like me! "

— Jace J.

"2 months and a dozen pillows later; my pregnant wife is sleeping again..."

— Kevin R.

" Helped to alleviate my lower back pain in about ten days.  I love this pillow and highly recommend it! "

— Mairin J

"The dreamy, doctor-designed
L-shape cushion used by Savannah Guthrie aligns side-sleepers' hips and spines for optimal back support."

" I’m a side sleeper with acid reflux and this is wonderful... "

— Mary L.

The snuggL pillows align with leading
clinical sleep experts' recommendations
What is the proper lying position?... If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your legs.
Certain sleep positions can cause back pain... those who sleep on their side should tuck a pillow between their knees.
By making changes in your sleeping position, you can take strain off your back. If you sleep on your side put a pillow between your legs.
The best sleep position is a side posture fetal pose, with legs curled and pillow between your knees, which reduces the chances of lower back irritation, stiffness or pain.
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